Halloween Day 2018 Wishes, Quotes, Massages, Greetings

Halloween Day 2018 Wishes

Halloween Day 2018 Wishes

Halloween day 2018 wishes are here to be shared with all halloween day lovers . Are you still thinking that what to write in a Halloween card, we can help you!

This Halloween day will come on 31st October 2018. So advance happy Halloween from our side. It is also called with name of Hallowe’en or you can call it with the name of Allhalloween or this day is popular with the name of All Hallows’ Eve.

This day is called with the All Saints’ Eve as well. This Halloween is the special evening which comes before the holy days of Christmas on 31st October. This is the answer of your question that what is the origin of Halloween.

It is the day of remembrance for all dead people and to remember saints, martyrs. It is the day to remember faithful departed people. This is one of the common and widely accepted belief that many of the Halloween traditions have been originated and came from these ancient and old Celtic harvest beliefs and festivals.

To celebrate this day, one should welcome this day with Halloween catch phrases.

Do you know that Samain got actually Christianized as one of the Halloweens right by the early church, it is true! It is the belief of few of the people that Halloween day marks the beginning and starting mark for Christian holidays.

Activities performed on Halloween day

Halloween day 2018 wishes are immense and all collection is updated over here. Talking about the common and popular activities which you can do on this day includes trick or it can be treating! You can attend as many Halloween parties and costume parties as you can.

This is the day to carve out pumpkins and to light out bonfires. This is the event for apple bobbing. This day marks the activities for divination games and to play pranks with your friends.

On this day, tours are organized so that people can make a visit to haunted sites and attractions. You tell some of the scary and haunted stories to each other and watch a bunch of horror films. People with a Christianity belief, they attend Church services on the regular basis on this day and they light up candles right on the graves of their departed people.

They visit the graves of their left ones. This day is the name of secular celebration and the mark of commercial celebration. More Halloween history is coming sooner.

On this day, few of the Christian people, they try to abstain and avoid eating any kind of meat on this day. This is the tradition and belief reflected by them that they should eat vegetarian foods on this day like they should eat apples and potato pancakes. Can you think of Halloween day 2018 wishes?

Symbols of Halloween day

Moving to halloween facts, this practice is followed in Scotland and in Ireland that turnip is been traditionally carved down on this day.

The immigrants who belong to North America, they carve out native form pumpkins. It was in 1837 that this tradition was being recorded among American people to carve pumpkins. This tradition is associated with the harvesting time in the general sense and manner.

On this special day, we see decorated houses in Pennsylvania. We see massive works of horror literature and gothic literature.

Then this day shows the images of skulls giving us the reminder of death. The presence of skulls have their common place on this day and they encompass the main theme of this day.

The back walls of most of the churches are decorated in a manner that they depict the true meaning of this halloween day. Make a beautiful Halloween card for your friends and add these short Halloween quotes in them.

As this day comes during the autumn season, that is why we often see the elements of this season as well on the halloween day. Festivals and halloween day parties are packed with themes of death and mythical monsters. The traditional colors of this day are purple, orange and black.

Wishes on Halloween day 2018

Here we have attached to many Halloween day 2018 wishes for you, check out them. We have creepy Halloween sayings for you too. So start making invitation cards for this day and add these quotes and sayings in them.

Trick-or-treating activity on Halloween day

This is the special activity which is followed on this halloween day. In this celebration time, children get into their halloween costume and they visit every single house and ask for the treat time.

This treat can be given in the form of candy or in the form of money. It is a customary kind of celebration activity which is followed by kids.


Kids ask from the home owners that whether they want to see trick or not. Upon showing the trick, it is compulsory for the home owners to give treat to those kids. If treat will not be given to the kids, then they might perform and carry out a mischief for that specific homeowner. For kids, we have funny Halloween sayings for them.

Guising Activity on Halloween day

Then this activity is followed in the areas and regions of Ireland and Scotland. Usually children, they disguise themselves into costumes and they knock at every single door and ask for coins and food, it is true!

They are seen in the traditional kind of Halloween costumes and it is the traditional custom which is seen on every single Halloween day.

Halloween day 2018 wishes are about guising activity too. It is since 1895, in many of the areas of Scotland, children carry lanterns which are made of carved out turnips and then they visit as many homes as they can so that they can be fully rewarded with the present of cakes and money and also fruits. It was in 1911 year that this activity of guising was observed and seen for the first time in North America.

Costumes worn on Halloween day

Talking about the Halloween costumes, they are being traditionally modeled and designed right after supernatural kind of figures like that of vampires and monsters and also ghosts, skeletons as well as witches and too devils. As time is passing, we are seeing that right in the United States, the trend of selecting and designing Halloween costumes and outfits is getting higher.

This costume selection phase has now been extended to some of the popular characters. Like these Halloween costumes now show the depiction of ninjas, princesses characters which are often taken out from the fiction stories.

It was by the time of late 19th century that this all dressing up on the Halloween day and then going on guising, it became prevalent and common in the regions of Ireland and also in Scotland. If you have thought of more Halloween day 2018 wishes then share with us!

Then in the early times of 20th century, this Halloween day costuming became much popular in the United States. And it becomes compulsory that if any one has to attend these Halloween parties, then he has to come in the proper costume.

In the United States, one of the first one mass-produced sort of Halloween costumes, they appeared in the U.S stores in the late times of 1930s.

New York Halloween Parade  on Halloween day

How can we forget discussing this New York Halloween Parade! Halloween in America is celebrated with quite excitement. It is the large and biggest one Halloween parade which takes place in New York and it is the only one major and important nighttime parades which is organized in U.S.

This parade attracts more than and about 60,000 number of costumed participants. It gathers two million spectators and it receives a television audience number reaching to 100 million on a worldwide level.

It is also in Northern Ireland that largest of all Halloween parade takes place and it is named and called as the best one and top Halloween destinations in the world. We have a fundraising program linked to this Halloween day.

This program provides and gives humanitarian aid and help to children which belong to the developing countries. It was in year 1950 that it started off as a local kind of event program and then it got expanded on a national basis in the year 1952.

Games performed on Halloween day

There are so many Halloween day 2018 wishes we have collected for you and also there are multiple number of games which are associated and been attached with his day. Like one of the games are about telling the future.

These games are about telling the details of future linked to marriage, death and children. These games are called as divination games and in the recent centuries, these games have become popular on this Halloween day. We will tell you about few of the activities which are used to be now one of the features and part of Halloween day in Ireland and Britain. These games have become quite widespread and too popular.

Apple Bobbing game on Halloween day

You can play apple bobbing game on this day. It is also called as dooking in the region of Scotland. So in this game, apples have to float right in the large basin or be it the tub of water.

Then all of the participants have to make use of their teeth and they remove those apples from that water basin. Then another version of this game is about eating syrup coated kind of scones with even using your hands.

These syrup coated scones are attached to the strings and the participants of this game have to eat them up without taking help from their hands. Most of the traditional activities attached to Halloween day came from sites of Ireland and Britain.

These are the games which are being involved about the foretelling of your future partner. To know about your future spouse, you have to peel an apple all in one and long strip.

Then you have to toss that peel over on your shoulder. In whatever shape that peel will land on, you can assume it in the shape of an alphabetical letter and from that letter, your spouse or partner name will be started.

Another activity which is performed on this one Halloween day, it is about roasting of hazelnuts. One who will going to roast two pieces of hazelnuts right near a fire.

If these twp hazelnuts will remain roast with each other in a quiet way, then that person is a good match for you. And if one of the hazelnuts will jump away from each other, then that is a bad sign. And that person is not a good match for you.

Other Beliefs about Halloween day

Then we have activity of baking salty kind of oatmeal. If you are going to eat this baked up salty oatmeal in total three bites. And after eating up, if will go to your bed silently without drinking any thing, then in your dream you will see the face of your partner.

Many of the unmarried women have the belief that if they are going to sit in the dark room and will also sit in front of the mirror for a long time on the Halloween day, then they shall see the face of their future partner or spouse in that mirror. On the other hand, if the unmarried woman will see the skull image in that mirror then she might die before she gets married.

More of Halloween day 2018 wishes and cute Halloween quotes are coming up so stay tuned. So how you will celebrate this day, make as much exciting plans as you can and share that with us. Make this Halloween day more exciting for you. Share your adventurous plans and make this day the most rocking day this time. If you can think of more Halloween day games and activities, you can tell us.

What do you guys have to say about Halloween Day 2018 wishes. Share whatever in your mind about Halloween Day 2018 Greetings. Leave your comments below.

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